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My Approach

I operate from the view point that we each have our own “map of the world”. Our approach to life is determined by our own perceptions, beliefs, values and experiences and we live the best we can with the resources we have.


We consciously and unconsciously create our own weaknesses with the best intentions of protecting us from other pains. Likewise, we also hold the keys to our success, sometimes we simply just need that extra help to unveil it.


Although at times it is helpful to go through past experiences that could have distorted our perception of the present, I don’t believe in constantly reliving painful memories. 

I believe in learning from the past, understanding the present and moving forward quickly towards the desired future, by removing un-resourceful habits and beliefs and replacing them with a new pattern of behaviours.


The spectrum of my training allows me to combine the different practices and customise my approach according to the needs and journeys of the people seeking support.


I motivate, coach, dig, push, challenge, listen, and I mentor when the time is right. I provide clients with the knowledge and practical tools to use as support of their new journey of self growth.


I meet each client with openness and flexibility, allowing a collaborative and respectful relationship while working towards the desired outcomes. 


The 3-Step Method

When working with me, I will guide you through a 3 steps process to take you from where you are to where you would like to be.

The 3 Stps Method


The Problem

Step 1

The Problem is not the symptom.

A symptom is simply an indicator or a sign that a problem exists.


The Problem is not the uncomfortable emotion.

Emotions are survival programs. They alert us to what we must deal with and are specific to different kinds of challenges. (for example, fear is an emotion specific to danger, and grief is an emotion that is specific to loss).

The Problem is the root cause of your symptoms and uncomfortable emotions. 


The process of identifying the root cause by working with the conscious and unconscious mind is a crucial step to our recovery.

Stp 1


The Emotion

Step 2

Experiencing Emotions like fear, sadness and anger can be painful, uncomfortable and sometimes frightening.

Most of us don’t know how to deal with emotions effectively. Instead, we work hard to manage them through avoidance. That coping strategy is the very thing that leads us to a variety of psychological symptoms caused by chronic stress. Avoiding emotions does not work in the long run.

Emotions are wired into our brains and bodies and nervous systems to help us cope with our environments. No matter how scary they may sometimes seem, if we allow ourselves to process and metabolise the emotions, they will invariably take us to a good place.

TFT and PSY-TAP combine a series of practical tools that work with the body and mind to allow us to quickly and safely release blockages and unwanted emotion.

Step 2


The Mind

Step 3

From childhood we consciously and unconsciously program our mind and body with a set of instructions to face everyday life, from brushing our teeth, to dealing with the challenges life presents us; whether it be big or small.

Although all of these instructions give us the outcome that we seek in the short run, some programs (like phobias, anxiety, self doubt, feeling stuck...) stop us to live the life we yearn for. 

Once the Root cause has been identified and the Emotions released, it is essential we reprogram our body and mind with new and resourceful instructions. 


NLP techniques give us the tools to reinstall new pattern of behaviours so we can finally move to the place we would like to be.

Step 3
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